Hydraulic Power Packs



 Please send us your spezification of your Equipment





The first drawing of the customer request





The frame and hydraulic tank ready welded


After painting in customers color



The electro motor 75 kw is installed




The electro box is ready



and mounted on the frame



All hydraulic components are compact mounted in the frame



Ready after test


The first 4 of 12 units are waiting for the shipment to Indonesia


Arrived in Indonesia (Jakarta)


The first Test Run with the high pressure water pump in Jakarta



Install in a gas testing ship in Samarinda/Kalimantan Timur/Indonesia (Borneo)


The machine room with the two hydraulic power packs


The caterpillar generator 500 kw to drive the hydraulic power packs


The different kind of hydraulic driven machines


High pressure water pumps

Anchor winch


jack winch